The decline of beauty that starts to concern around the age of 50...

Kasuga Beauty Styling Project
カスガ美整顔術 superb有栖川
You have the right to be beautiful, and I have the obligation to help preserve your beauty.
You have the right to be beautiful, and I have the obligation to help preserve your beauty.

We want to stay beautiful no matter how old we get. We want to stay youthful. In response to those desires, ‘Superb Arisugawa’ was born. By experiencing beauty, you will gain confidence in yourself, radiate smiles, and spread happiness to those around you. You will want to go out, dress stylishly, and speak beautiful words. We want a society filled with such wonderful people! We want the world to become brighter and brighter. We are filled with the desire to be of service to your beauty.

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Achieve your ideal facial contour with Kasuga Beauty Styling Project!

What is Beauty Styling Project?

Beauty Styling Project is a treatment that involves applying simultaneous pressure to the muscles, tendons, and bones of the face through manual techniques to restore overall facial balance and create a beautiful facial contour. By specifically repositioning the jaw joint to its proper alignment, you will experience a youthful appearance throughout your entire face, and you will witness the long-lasting effects of this treatment.


Posture improvement

In our salon, we not only focus on improving the appearance of your face but also support a youthful look from multiple angles by correcting postural issues such as hunchback. Creating a beautiful posture not only helps prevent sagging of the face but also accelerates the youthful appearance.

Commitment of Superb Arisugawa

国家資格(接骨院資格)に裏付けられた 関節アプローチへの確かな技術

Solid expertise in joint approach backed by national qualifications (judo therapist)

Kasuga Beauty Styling Project is not only focused on skin but also incorporates simultaneous pressure through manual techniques on the muscles, tendons, and bones of the face. By enhancing muscle endurance, it aims to maintain and achieve a ‘youthful appearance’.


We want to bring hope to the adult you.

In our salon, we provide treatments aimed at preventing the decline of beauty that becomes a concern as you age, and instead help you achieve a youthful appearance.We primarily target individuals aged 50 and above. Through manual techniques, we address asymmetry and discrepancies in the face, working towards a balanced and youthful appearance.


We provide careful counseling to understand your requests and concerns.

We will listen carefully to each of your concerns. Forehead wrinkles, under-eye sagging, nasolabial lines, marionette lines, and other facial changes that were not present in your younger days may be troubling you. We will propose solutions for each of these issues.


Not only facial improvements, but also simultaneous posture correction.

To appear noticeably younger than your peers, it may be necessary to improve not only your face but also your posture. Our salon can help you achieve both.


Indulge in your own blissful time at our hidden gem salon.

Our salon is nestled in a tranquil residential area, resembling a hidden sanctuary. It might be a little challenging to find for first-time visitors, but please come with the intention of visiting a friend’s house near Arisugawa Park.

Customer Testimonials

Customer Promise


We will not engage in aggressive sales tactics.

We do not engage in aggressive sales tactics at our clinic.
You can also make your next appointment at your convenience after returning home.


We will welcome you in a clean environment.

We will provide treatments on a thoroughly disinfected bed each time. The indoor air is constantly kept clean with the use of JIAINO (hypochlorous acid disinfection and deodorizing device).


We will take the time to listen to your concerns before the treatment.

We will address any concerns or questions you may have regarding facial rejuvenation with care and thoroughness. Additionally, as we have been dealing with pain-related matters for over 30 years, we believe we can also assist you in that regard if needed.

Procedure Overview



Please make a reservation by phone or using the dedicated reservation form.
Our salon operates on a strictly reservation-only basis.
You are welcome to visit our facility even if you don’t receive a treatment.
Please feel free to contact us at your convenience.


Trial Session (or Facility Tour)

Since most people may not have experienced Kasuga Facial Rejuvenation, we recommend trying the treatment firsthand.  We will explain the details of the treatment, such as how it works and which areas can be rejuvenated to achieve a youthful appearance. After the explanation, you will have the opportunity to experience the treatment. (We kindly request that professionals in the same field refrain from participating.)


Post-treatment Explanation

We will explain the precautions to be taken after the treatment and provide guidance on the activities you should perform at home on a regular basis.


Returning Home

Please take your time to consider whether you would like to continue with the treatments once you return home. If you have any further inquiries or if you would like to make a reservation, please contact us by phone or through our website. We look forward to hearing from you.

Please feel free to contact us by phone or email.

Evidence of Kasuga Beauty Styling Project

The formal medical name for Kasuga Beauty Styling Project, which is part of Kasuga Therapy, is “Neuro-Muscular Alignment Technique.” Its significant feature is its ability to rapidly improve muscle metabolism and endurance.

This therapy was developed by Kei Kasuga, the Director of Kasuga Sports Medicine Research Institute, after three years of research. On July 10th, 1993, the efficacy of this therapy was presented and proven at the Kinki Regional Meeting of the Japan Society of Internal Medicine. It combines the principles of exercise metabolism therapy and the innovative facial treatment theory developed by Akiko Nikai, the Chief Director of Kasuga Beauty Facial Treatment Institute and a certified judo therapist and acupuncturist. Her research focused on studying the influence of the position and movement of the temporomandibular joint on facial muscles. This combination of theories has resulted in a groundbreaking treatment approach.


Reasons for choosing Superb Arisugawa:


Accelerates youthful appearance with simultaneous posture improvement.

At our salon, we can support a youthful appearance from multiple angles by not only focusing on the face but also performing posture correction, including correcting slouching. If you’re concerned about poor posture, please feel free to consult with us. It can also help alleviate shoulder stiffness and headaches.


Can achieve long-lasting youthful appearance.

By simultaneously applying pressure to the muscles, tendons, and bones, we can lift sagging facial features and maintain an uplifted appearance for a longer duration.

駅近・短時間施術だから 気軽に通える

Easy access with quick treatments for a hassle-free experience.

With our short treatment duration (approximately 15 minutes) and convenient location near Hiroo Station (a 3-4 minute walk), even busy individuals can easily visit us.

Treatment Menu and Prices


We will perform manual techniques to approach the temporomandibular joint, cheekbones, and eye sockets, aiming to improve overall muscle endurance and enhance skeletal alignment of the entire face. This will result in lifting the facial contour, including the corners of the mouth, and you will experience noticeable improvements in deep wrinkles such as nasolabial folds, marionette lines, and crow’s feet. The procedure takes approximately 25 minutes.

In addition to the changes in your facial appearance, we recommend this option for those who have lost confidence in their posture. Along with Course B, we provide posture correction. Good posture is crucial for maintaining a youthful appearance. If you feel discomfort or dissatisfaction when you see your posture in the mirror, we highly recommend this service. The procedure takes approximately 40 minutes.

We recommend this option for those who have experienced some degree of stabilization in their facial changes through repeated sessions, as well as individuals in their 40s or younger who want to proactively prevent early signs of aging. This is also suitable for those who haven’t developed deep wrinkles like nasolabial folds but have noticed an overall sagging of the face compared to before. The procedure focuses on lifting the entire face through muscle activation and correcting any imbalances caused by facial muscle misalignment, resulting in an uplifted appearance around the eyes and mouth. The procedure takes approximately 15 minutes.

Recommended for people who suffer from swelling or coldness in their legs. In addition to massage, we use equipment that is also used for kaatsu training to improve your smile and make you smile. The journey takes approximately 40 minutes.

If you have been told by internal medicine or neurosurgery doctors that there is no abnormality despite persistent headaches, or if you want to break free from painkillers, please consult with us. The treatment duration is approximately 40 minutes.

* Currently offering half-price for first-time trial experiences

Please feel free to contact us by phone or email.


Nice to meet you. I have been practicing various treatments primarily for pain management in Nakano Ward for over 30 years. Through conversations with my clients, I have noticed a strong interest in beauty that transcends gender and generations in today’s society. In this regard, the facial treatments using Kasuga Beauty Styling Project have received great acclaim, and as a result, I have decided to open a dedicated salon.

The technique of correcting numerous cases of temporomandibular joint dislocation has become a crucial aspect of this method. Unlike typical aesthetic salons, our clinic focuses on approaching the facial muscles, tendons, and bones. We aim to provide a sense of happiness and fulfillment by experiencing the rejuvenation of youthfulness (eliminating sagging) and acquiring beauty at our clinic. We sincerely hope that this sense of happiness will create smiles in your surroundings and make your everyday life even more enjoyable.

Kasuga Beauty Styling Project by superb Arisugawa

Director Tadashi Kaneko


superb 有栖川 カスガ美整顔術

superb Arisugawa
Kasuga Beauty Styling Project

5-12-16 Arisugawa House 102, Minamiazabu, Minato-ku, Tokyo 106-0047, Japan

Business Hours:
10:00 – 13:00 (Monday to Saturday)
15:00 – 19:00 (Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, Friday)

Closed on Sundays and public holidays

Phone Number: 03-6277-4364


Questions about the trial treatment

1. Please make a reservation by phone or through the dedicated form.
2. Kindly fill out a brief questionnaire.
3. We will provide an explanation of the Kasuga Facial Rejuvenation technique.
4. Treatment session.
5. Post-treatment care instructions.
6. You may now return home.

Questions about the facility

A:At the moment, we do not have parking available at our clinic. The Azabu area has limited parking, so we recommend using Hiroo Station.

A:You don’t need to change clothes. Please come as you are.

A:We welcome you in an optimum environment with Jiaino (hypochlorous acid space sterilizer/deodorizer), Plasmacluster, and other equipment.

A:Various credit cards are accepted.

Questions about the treatment

A:It is a therapy that not only approaches the skin, but also solves the problem of facial contraction from a deep level by simultaneously applying pressure to the muscles, tendons, and bones.

A:The facial beautification procedure takes approximately 15 minutes.

A:Initially, the appearance will return to normal in a few days, but with repeated treatments, a younger appearance can be maintained for a longer period of time.

A:It is a little painful because we approach not only the skin but also the deeper layers of the skin, but no one has ever stopped because of that.
No need to worry.

A:Please consider that they are between 5 and 15 years old.

A:You will be able to feel the effects each time.
Of course, multiple treatments are necessary to establish a younger look.


A:There is nothing in particular to prepare.
Please come as you are.

A:Sorry, health insurance does not cover this service.

A:If you see wrinkles or sagging that you have never seen before when you look in the mirror, please come to us as soon as possible.

No problem. Please leave it as it is.

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4-9 Nagano-cho, Kawachi-Nagano-shi, Osaka-fu
Usuya Building 5-A
0721 (55) 6606

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